Directives regarding COVID-19

The Courts of the Northwest Territories and Court Services are issuing Directives to address the best response during the COVID-19 health emergency. Directives will evolve to meet these needs as required. Please review these regularly as the most current information will always be posted at this link.

Territorial Court

The Territorial Court hears the majority of criminal cases in the Northwest Territories. It holds preliminary hearings and non-jury trials in communities throughout the Northwest Territories, visiting them regularly on regional circuits. The Territorial Court schedule and list of upcoming matters are accessible by the public.

The Court has jurisdiction over all summary conviction offences created by federal and territorial statutes such as environmental offences, motor vehicle and highway safety infractions, and breaches of municipal by-laws. It also hears cases involving child protection, custody and support.

In addition, the Territorial Court hears civil disputes where the monetary amount does not exceed $35,000. It provides a convenient and inexpensive forum with procedures that are faster and less formal. The rules and forms are designed to resolve matters quickly. All small claims matters are subject to a mandatory mediation session with a judge before proceeding to trial.

Appeals from decisions made at the Territorial Court level, where provided for by law, may be addressed in the Supreme Court or the Court of Appeal.

Territorial Court Judges

  • The Honourable Chief Judge R. D. Gorin
  • The Honourable Judge C. Gagnon
  • The Honourable Judge G. E. Malakoe
  • The Honourable Judge D. F. Molloy

The list of persons and businesses appearing in court today, and the location and time of the sitting in which...