Court Disruption due to Wildire Activity

The Territorial Court has cancelled court sittings in Fort Liard on May 15 & 16 per the Directive at this link.

Youth Justice Court

The Youth Justice Court is the court designated pursuant to the Youth Criminal Justice Act (Canada) and the Youth Justice Act (Northwest Territories). It hears all Criminal Code charges and territorial statute offences brought against young persons between the ages of 12 and 18, which cannot be disposed of through alternative community-based measures.

Territorial Court Judges are Youth Court judges by virtue of their appointment and they preside over youth matters as part of the regular sittings in Yellowknife and throughout the Territories on regular circuits.

The schedule for Youth Court can be found here.

Names of youth cannot be searched due to restrictions on the publication of identity pursuant to the Youth Criminal Justice Act and Youth Justice Act.

The list of matters set before the Courts of the Northwest Territories by location and date.