Court Disruption due to Wildire Activity

The Territorial Court has cancelled court sittings in Fort Liard on May 15 & 16 per the Directive at this link.

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is the superior court of record in the Northwest Territories. Its judges are appointed by the federal government.

The Supreme Court is based in Yellowknife and also sits in other communities throughout the Northwest Territories as the need arises. It sits with and without a jury. It also exercises powers of judicial review over decisions of Territorial boards and tribunals.

The Supreme Court hears appeals in summary conviction criminal matters heard by the Territorial Court and the Justice of the Peace Court, as well as other appeals as provided for by statute. This Court also has jurisdiction over divorce, probate and estate administration.

Appeals from decisions of the Supreme Court are heard by the Court of Appeal for the Northwest Territories.

Rules of the Supreme Court can be found here.

The schedule of the Supreme Court can be found here.

Supreme Court Justices

  • The Honourable Justice S.H. Smallwood, Chief Justice
  • The Honourable Justice K.M. Shaner
  • The Honourable Justice A.M. Mahar
  • The Honourable Justice S.M. MacPherson

The list of persons and businesses appearing in court today, and the location and time of the sitting in which...