Court Disruption due to Wildire Activity

The Territorial Court has cancelled court sittings in Fort Liard on May 15 & 16 per the Directive at this link.

Wellness Court

Wellness Court is an alternative to regular criminal court that offers a supervised program designed to address the conditions that may contribute to re-offending.

Many people in the criminal justice system have issues, such as mental health problems, addictions, or cognitive challenges, that often interfere with an their ability to change their lives and stay out of jail.

Wellness Court helps offenders move beyond re-offending and successfully integrate into their communities by helping them develop a healthier life. This gives people a chance to change while still holding them accountable for their behavior.

Program Documents

Wellness Court Program Manual

Appendix A – Criminal Code and CDSA provisions relevant to Wellness Court

Appendix B - Participant Consent Form

Appendix C - Participant Suitability Assessment

Appendix D - Wellness Plan

Appendix E - Bi-weekly Participant Update

Appendix F - Aftercare Plan

Appendix G - Discharge Summary

The list of matters set before the Courts of the Northwest Territories by location and date.