Wellness Court Testimonials

Here's what previous participants have said:

“Wellness Court is a good program, it gives people a second chance at life. It helped me and I’m thankful for programs like this. To make changes in life you need to work to get to where you want to be – this is something I learned from my Grandmother. Wellness Court saved my life, if I kept going the way I was going, who know what would have happened. The opportunity was there for me, it was my choice to join the program and I’m grateful I did.”

“Since starting the Wellness Court program, I have become more mature, for myself and for my kids. I spend more time at home and I’m more supportive of my family. I wasn’t raised by my dad, and I want to be part of my kids’ lives as they grow up. I want them to remember me being there for them. After my court is done, I want to advance in my field of work (construction), get tickets and take the apprenticeship entrance exam.”

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